Moonbeau started as a synth-pop solo-project by Christian Gough of The Yugos, an indie rock staple in Cincinnati. Through Moonbeau, Gough was able to focus on improving his home studio production techniques and use throwback pop sounds compared to what you’d hear on an A-HA or Flock of Seagulls record. Over the last two years, Gough’s project Moonbeau has picked up speed with help from new band members Claire Muenchen (keys/vox) and Alex Murphy-White (drums). Last year, the group signed to Old Flame Records and began recording their first debut album. If you are looking for infectious melody and a danceable beat, Moonbeau will never disappoint.¬†Powerful choruses and simple, yet catchy, guitar leads will ensue. Delivering a sense of nostalgia with almost every note, Moonbeau will make your heart flutter and break.

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Moonbeau – Live from the 2018 Bunbury Music Festival